Title: Essential The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 5

Author: Stan Lee

Pages: 528
Description: This volume marks a major milestone in the history of everybody’s favourite wall-crawler in that it covers the issues where Stan Lee (Spidey’s co-creator, for the benefit of those of you living under rocks in the DC Universe) stops writing the book.

The issues where the flame is passed are a little ropey; Spidey seems out-of-character in places and we get some of the sillier events in Spidey’s career, such as when Pete tries to cure himself of his Spider-powers so he can live a normal life and ends up giving himself four extra arms instead!

Don’t let this put you off picking up this volume, though, as there’s much more good than bad. There are also some seminal Spidey tales included here including (view spoiler)

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