God Still Don’t Like Ugly

Author: Mary Monroe

ISBN: 9780758203434
Pages: 325
Description: I read The first book, “God Don’t Like Ugly” a few years back and was thrilled when I got the chance to read the sequel. Monroe recaps everything from the first book so those who aren’t familiar with the prequel can enjoy it.

In the 2nd part of Annette’s journey we meet her estranged father and new half-siblings. We also experience her up-and-down love life, with her childhood friend Pee Wee, and her fiance Jerome Cunningham. Annette still battles her skeletons of low self-esteem, and the ghosts from her past: her childhood abuser Mr. Boatwright, her days as a prostitute and her murderous friend Rhoda.

Monroe writes in her usual engaging, HUMOROUS tone, that will have you bustin’ a gut and crying all at once.For those of us who are fans of the first book will enjoy watching Annette grow, face her demons, and come into her own, as well as….Well read the book!
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